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Microlife degrades organic residues, increases the yield in agriculture and breeding industries by using nature’s own method.

Microlife’s product range consists of bacterial products, developed by inspiring from nature’s self-regeneration processes.

Microorganisms in each and every one of Microlife products are chosen from the similar habitats in nature and then are isolated. They are never genetically modified. Instead, their performance is improved by natural selection. Following this, the microorganisms are formulated in Microlife products and applied on similar effluent problems or environments from where they have been isolated.

Our Microlife products developed by this method are used to degrade foul odors and improve treatment efficiency in several applications like cesspits, septic tanks, mobile toilets, grease traps, wastewater treatment plants and many others. Microlife applications are not limited by waste degradation and environmental problems, it also has a wide range of application from increasing growth in agriculture and breeding industries to disease prevention on corps.



Microorganisms started the life in the nature. In 1993 it all started for us by Microlife. Our first activity of providing bacterial and environment friendly cleaning and maintenance products to our partners and end users brought us to today’s Kazanci Environmental Technics.

As Kazanci Environmental Technics of today we carry  the family tradition of a lifestyle intimate with production since 1955. As a part of this tradition for more than 25 years we are glad of producing in Turkey end exporting worldwide.  When we look back we are proud to see that  we produced several products useful for our partners, end users and environment from Turkey to Australia on 5 continents

By the Microlife products we produce for more than a quarter of a century and our partners who preferred to cooperate with us we prevented the use of tons of  harmful chemicals. Not only in Turkey but also on several countries on the world including Nigeria we cleaned the petroleum polluted soil and water by our microbial products. We are happy to see that with our partners we are doing our part to prevent the impact of effluents on environment.

We know that the impact of humanity on the environment is not limited with the effluents. In the last decades we observe  the continuous increase in demand of food. We work to bring an environment friendly alternative to the chemicals used in agriculture and breeding industries. We know that by bacterial products that support the growth of plant  and prevent animal diseases an environmental friendly agriculture and breeding is now much closer.


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